Perfekt Tension
Haute Street Wear


Our Haute Street Boutique has been serving the underground since 2010, today we are located at the Portland Saturday Market. We offer high quality garments with perfekt balance of edge, A-symmetry, and timeless one of a kind pieces for your journey toward a new world of trends, while keeping balance within the times. Our line is not only stylishly unique, but also hand crafted in the U.S.A. We offer classic cuts with a twist of fashion forward thinking, crafty threads you can wear on the street, but fits stylish enough for the office, creating the Perfekt Tension.


Story of the Owl


Owls are visionary tribal birds that can see through the veils of illusion as it feels the very essence of beings. The Owl is also known as the messenger or keeper of secrets. A bridge between…Wisdom, Imagination, and Mystery. Our clothing Esoteric in nature reflect the same aspects of the Owl. We are the wisdom keepers of sacred pattern drafting techniques passed down through generations deep in the Underground Roots of your cities cultures. The owl is here to remind us to stop and look inwards, as individuals, as we harmonically resonate in Perfekt Tension. We are that secret which is hidden, seeked, and once found, birds sing…alchemical songs transformation of self begins.




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